Monday, August 26, 2013

                              Here is a sneak peek story excerpt from Hearts and Handcuffs.  

*Story Excerpt*
There was something in the air she noticed as the ferry embarked closer to Sunset Point that seemed so refreshing and exotic. Everything about this experience to Amber was exciting and exhilarating. This was the beginning of Amber Green’s first chapter of her new life. 
As Amber rested her eyes as she sat on the bench of the ferry she thought back to the reason that had caused her to head to Sunset Point in search of a new life. 
      Her boss, Patrice, had informed her that her services were no longer needed and she was relieved of her job as a hairdresser. Patrice, the ball-busting witch she worked for, had told her she was tired of the constant phone calls throughout the day from her boyfriend Charlie. She also was tired of Charlie coming into the salon harassing Amber for her tips she had made for the day so he could go drinking with his buddies at the local bar. Patrice told her that it wasn’t good for her business having her boyfriend harassing her at work all the time and she was making a business decision by firing her. Amber was actually thrilled to no longer be working for Patrice. The woman was rude and never gave Amber any decent comments when it came to her clients’ hairstyles. Amber knew she was a good stylist and tended to ignore her snarky remarks. She was constantly putting her down in front of her clients.
Good riddance.
Amber had gone home to an empty apartment that day. Charlie was most likely drinking with his buddies somewhere in a bar. That was when she came up with the idea. Enough was enough. Amber needed a change, and with her being fired today this couldn’t have come at a better time. She went to her bedroom and grabbed everything she owned, which all fit into a suitcase, and the rest went into a large carrying bag.  
Amber walked out of the apartment and headed for the nearest cheap motel until she had a chance to call her one true friend, Trinity. 
Trinity Cross was like a sister to Amber. They were raised in the same foster home until Trinity was adopted at thirteen. Today she had a successful job working for Mac Securities. Amber had always thought that Trinity was beautiful. She had light-brown hair, hazel eyes, and an awesome body. One that Amber would kill for. 
Amber decided on the cheapest motel she knew that was within walking distance. She needed to save every penny she had from now on since she no longer had a job. Once Amber checked in to the cockroach-infested dump, she sat on the dirty God-only-knows-what’s-on-this bedspread and picked up her cell and dialed Trinity’s number. 
“Hey, sweetie,” Trinity said as she answered the phone. “I’ve been meaning to call you. I’m gonna have to cancel my appointment with you next week.”
“Oh, umm, that’s fine. Listen, Trinity...I’m in a little trouble.”
“What did that bastard do now? Are you okay?” Trinity asked.
“I’m leaving Charlie,” Amber said.
“Hell yes! About damn time!” Trinity exclaimed. “ I’m toasting his ass goodbye right now.”
Amber let out a weak laugh. “I know you never liked him...and I guess you were right. I just saw it too late. He...he got me fired today.”
Trinity gasped. “What? That’s bullshit. You’re one of the best fucking hairdressers at that place!”
“Thanks. Charlie was calling me on my cell, but I was with a client so I didn’t answer. Then he started calling the main line demanding to speak to me, and well, you know how my manager is...”
“You mean the queen bitch of the world, Patrice?” 
“Yeah, her. Anyways, she told me that she couldn’t have people thinking they could get personal calls at the main desk, so she fired me. Oh, god. Trinity, I lost my job. What am I going to do? I don’t even care about Charlie. How sad is that?”
“Fuck him. Don’t worry, sweetie. Everything is going to be fine.”
There was a pause on the line as if Trinity’s friend was hesitant to speak. “Do you think I could stay with you for a few days? I just need to figure out what I’m going to do. I was thinking maybe I should move, start somewhere fresh—”
“Oh my god, this is perfect! Come here! Hold on one sec—” Amber could hear Trinity talking to someone in the back ground. “Hey, Max. You can get my friend Amber a job as a hairstylist in the spa, right?”
“Ah, I suppose so. But what are her credentials?” She heard the man say that Trinity was talking to. 
“She does my hair.” Amber heard her friend snap.
“Well, then. She’s hired,”  said the man Trinity was talking to.
Amber grinned to herself. Trinity had always been a take-no-shit-from-anyone gal. “Amber? I’m on an island off the coast of Florida called Sunset Point. It would be perfect for you! I got you a job at the Palace Resort and Spa.”
“Holy crap! How in the world did you do that?”
“I’m sitting with the owner right now. Where are you right now?”
Amber paused on the phone. “I found a hotel close by my old place—”
“Which is probably a shithole.” Trinity cut her off. “Listen, this is what we’re going to do. I want you to text me the name and room number of your hotel. Stay there until a guy named Moretti comes to get you. He’ll take you over to my apartment for the night then have someone drive you to O’Hare airport tomorrow, where you’ll catch a flight to Florida. You’ll have to take the ferry over to the island.”
“Wait, wait! Trinity, I can’t afford to—”
“Sure you can. Your ticket will be waiting for you at the airport. All you need is some money for the ferry. Do you have enough for that?”
“Well, yes. But I—”
“Good. Once you’re here I’ll either pick you up or have a car sent to get you. Promise me you won’t open the door to anyone but Moretti.”
Amber let out an aggravated sigh. “Trinity, you’re like a bulldozer.”
Trinity laughed. “And that surprises you? Amber, promise me.”
“I promise.”
“Good. Now pack up your shit and get moving, girl. Welcome to your new life. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

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